Particle Engineering Research Center


Research Statement

PERC's guiding vision is to "Innovate and transform particle science and technology advances into useful applications for sustained societal well-being."


Research Clusters, Projects, Affiliated Faculty, Affiliated Institutions, Selected Publications


The Center's overall objective is to conduct innovative fundamental science and practical problem oriented interdisciplinary research. PERC is also strongly motivated to steer promising innovations to translational research and prototype development to enhance their potential in the market place and eventually impact in economic development process.

Beginning from NSF years (1994-2005), the Center's research has grown/matured/expanded from online analytical systems, concentrated particulate dispersions, transport and handling, and treatment of particulate effluents to five Thrust areas (2005-2008) namely, particle characterization, separations, engineered particulates, cohesive powder flow, and nano-bio systems. The primary research themes at PERC are "Particles" in Industry, Medicine and Environment. One of the distinguishing features of PERC has been in bringing together researchers from different disciplines to seek solutions to complex scientific challenges. PERC has established collaborations between various Departments such as Medicine (Pulmonary, Anesthesiology, Surgery, Physiology and Molecular Biology) Brain Institute, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental health and toxicology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Material Science, Food and Agricultural Sciences and Business. In addition PERC has established vibrant network with National (UCF, ASU, Columbia, Pacific Northwest and Sandia National Laboratories) and International (Australia, Japan, Britain, India) partners with a common interest in research and development of particle science and technology.

Since its inception, PERC has maintained a strong and fruitful collaboration with industry. A fresh impetus to this goal has been achieved by the NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) award– a joint effort between PERC and Columbia University. PERC intends to continue enhancing the Center's extensive collaboration with industry in projects of a diverse nature to solve pressing issues that industries face when dealing with particles.

A paradigm development in PERC's research initiative is the establishment of the Center for Nano-Bio Sensors (CNBS) at the University of Florida. CNBS synergistically integrates the strengths of the participating UF colleges, Santa Fe College and Sandia National Laboratories to develop and commercialize advanced and innovative biocompatible technologies in nano-medical diagnostics and therapies. Towards this goal, PERC is initiating "Translational and Prototyping" program, aimed at providing a comprehensive platform to better promote, facilitate and accelerate the bench-to-market development of innovative technologies for societal benefit.