Particle Engineering Research Center


The ultimate mission of PERC is to serve mankind with the advancement of particle science and technology through applications that will improve and enhance sustainable societal well-being, including economic health, quality of life, and the environment. The overall purpose of PERC is three fold: (i) to create underlying scientific knowledge and to invent and demonstrate the technological feasibility of innovative methodologies and systems governing particulate processes, devices, and systems; (ii) to facilitate the transfer of research discoveries, theories, and inventions between PERC and industry; and (iii) to develop and implement an interdisciplinary education program that will produce well-prepared scientists and engineers to serve and lead future scientific and technological advances.

PERC's vision is to,

"Innovate and transform particle science and technology advances into useful applications for sustained societal well-being."

This vision inspires and drives PERC's activities in education, research, and technology transfer. PERC devotes its efforts and resources to:

  • Conduct innovative fundamental science and practical problem oriented interdisciplinary research.
  • Conduct translational research and prototyping of promising technologies to enhance their potential in the market place, or overcome sustainability challenges.
  • Educate students and young professionals to be globally competitive and responsible leaders, instilling in them critical thinking skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and environmental stewardship.