Particle Engineering Research Center

Partner Benefits

The mission of our industrial partnership program is to establish partnerships with companies and other organizations that are expected to play an important role in achieving the PERC's goals and objectives. The program is designed to promote a meaningful exchange between the University of Florida and industrial partners from small, medium, and large companies, as well as organizations such as world class research institutes and government laboratories.

The Industrial Partners, during visits to the Center, work on mutually beneficial research projects, mentor student research, conduct seminars, and learn specialized techniques. It is expected that during the course of their stay the Industrial Partners will develop strong intentions with the Center faculty.

Benefits to Partners

  • Nonexclusive royalty free rights for in-house use of inventions and computer software developed by the Center
  • Opportunity to serve as an elected representative on the Technical Executive Committee
  • Voting membership on the Industrial Advisory Board
  • Opportunity to serve on any number of Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) of the research thrusts
  • A discounted overhead rate of 25% (reduced from the UF College of Engineering standard 45% overhead rate) applied to any additional particle science related research associated with PERC researchers
  • Priority on enrolling a representative, at reduced cost, in short courses, workshops, and conferences organized by the Center
  • Priority access to R&D facilities and other instrumentation in the Center at a nominal fee to cover operation costs
  • On-location short couses for a reduced fee when possible
  • Access to PERC's Particle Technology Information Network
  • A copy of all PERC reports & publications

Full Partnership

The partnership fee structure is designed to be equitable to companies of different sizes. The annual is based on the number of full time employees who have access to the PERC research information:

  • Less than 100 - $5,000
  • Between 100 and 500 - $15,000
  • More then 500 - $25,000

Affliliate Partnership

Alternately, organizations can become an Affiliate of the PERC, with slightly reduced benefits, for a one year period to allow the organization to assess the offerings of the PERC for a fee of $5,000.

More detailed information can be obtained from Dr. Maria Palazuelos by e-mail: or phone 352-846-1194, or by downloading a copy of the PERC's standard University / Industry Agreement.