Particle Engineering Research Center


PERC realizing that education is the most effective path to stress out the importance of particles and PS&T, has initiated a variety of K-12 Programs.

K-12 Programs include undergraduate students visiting local middle schools to display particle science and nanotechnology demonstrations. This program has been dormant over the past year due to lack of funding, but it will be reactivated to fulfill the objective of the K-12 Programs.

PERC undergraduate students with the help of faculty and staff also construct a booth for UF's annual Engineering Fair. Usually focused on particle and nano technologies, the demonstrations are designed to instill curiosity and awareness in Particle Technology among more than 2,000 students. E-Fair is part of the National Engineers Week, and it is visited by about 2,500 people each year. The fair featured booths from 34 societies, four research centers and two industry groups. This program has been highly successful, not only by the visitors response, but also from the large numbers of awards, such the best booth.