Particle Engineering Research Center

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Engage the PERC in a Proprietary Research Program

In addition to the pre-competitive research undertaken by the PERC in support of our Strategic Research Plan, the results of which are shared with all Industrial Partners, PERC researchers also undertake industrially sponsored research of a proprietary nature. Industrial Partners and other companies are encouraged to submit focused research projects to the PERC for which the sponsoring company gains access to the PERC's world-class researchers and facilities and proprietary rights to research results. Industrial Partners enjoy a favorable overhead rate and reduced equipment rates for proprietary research.

Use the PERC Research & Development Facility

The PERC Research & Development Facility assists the PERC research groups with routine to unique measurements and provides testbed facilities for validation, demonstration, and development of process/product ideas developed by PERC research teams. These facilities can also provide companies with unique as well as industry favored particle processing and analytical equipment for testing and training purposes. These resources may be utilized by any company which is collaborating with the PERC. However, PERC Industrial Partners enjoy a considerably reduced fee and priority access to equipment and personnel.

Collaborate with PERC Students on Research of Industrial Interest

The PERC has active programs which bring Industrial Partners in direct contact with uniquely trained students who can provide them with a multitude of benefits. The PERC Industrial Mentors Programs allows companies to provide real-world experiences to our students in preparation for entering their industry. Additionally, the PERC Industrial Projects Program gives companies opportunities to submit specific projects to PERC students and faculty as short term research projects. These projects can vary in scope from several weeks to up to one year.

Hire PERC Students or Provide Co-op or Internship Opportunities

The PERC's Engineered Systems focus in our Strategic Research Plan assures that PERC students are trained in all aspects of particle science as well as areas such as working in multi-disciplinary teams, project planning and management, industrial lab and testbed processes and safety, intellectual property management and working with industry. The pool of 40-50 undergraduate and 30-40 graduate students which are engaged in the PERC annually provides companies with a unique resource base from which to draw top flight candidates for employment. The PERC publishes a Student Directory annually and proactively works with companies to place these uniquely trained students.

Attend Short Courses, Seminars, and Industrial Meetings

The PERC organizes 4-6 short courses and workshops annually for industry. These are given at the PERC facilities at the University of Florida and at industrial locations depending on the company's needs. Topics in previous short courses have ranged from Introduction to Powder Processing to Essentials of Chemical-Mechanical Polishing. PERC researchers typically co-teach these courses with world class industrial researchers to provide audience members with a complete range of knowledge in the subject. Companies are also encouraged to attend one of the PERC's semi-annual meeting of our Industrial Partners to experience the complete program first hand.

Visit the PERC to Discuss Your Needs

The PERC extends an open invitation to all companies to visit our facilities on the campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville. We would be happy to provide you with an overview of our programs, introduce you to our researchers, and work with you to explore mutually beneficial areas of interest.