Particle Engineering Research Center


To provide solid foundation for the understanding PS&T the PERC faculty has introduced a unique array of courses that includes the most recent advances in the field. PERC is one of the few centers/institutions where all those courses are hosted under one roof, and give the opportunity to all the prospective students to acquire a complete and comprehensive education on understanding, characterizing, controlling properties and behavior of particles. The close ties with industry add the element of the real case scenario, exposing the students to actual PS&T issues.

  • EMA 6938/EMA 4935 - ...Nano For The Rest Of Us: This introductory course will achieve a truly TRANS-disciplinary mix of students from engineering, natural sciences, humanities and behavioral/social sciences and will introduce these students to basic nanoscale phenomena and processes, principles of matter at the nanoscale, and nanotechnology's connection to other disciplines and application areas of societal relevance: there will be marketing for mathematics majors, medicine for musicians, toxicity for theater majors, atoms for anthropologists, risk assessment for religion majors, safety for sociologists, environment effects for english majors and ethics for engineers, but in the end it will all be Nano For The Rest Of Us.
  • ECH 6726 - Interfacial Phenomena I: Air-liquid and liquid-liquid interfaces; surface-active molecules, adsorption at interfaces, foams, micro- and macro-emulsions, retardation of evaporation and damping of waves by films, surface chemistry of biological systems.
  • ECH 6727 - Interfacial Phenomena II: Solid-gas, solid-liquid, solid-solid interfaces. Adsorption of gases and surface-active molecules on metal surfaces, contact angle and spreading of liquids, wetting and dewetting, lubrication, biolubrication, flotation, adhesion, biological applications of surfaces.
  • EMA 5008 - Particle Science & Technology: Theory and Practice: Introduction to field by surveying theoretical and practical aspects. Particulate preparation, particle characterization, surface modifications, particulate systems, and technological applications.
  • EMA 5365 - Biomimetic Synthesis: Investigation of processes utilized by organisms to control mineralization of their hard parts, to gain understanding of mechanisms used by them to obtain precise control over size, shape, texture, orientation, and composition.
  • EMA 6319 - Applied Colloid & Interface Chemistry for Engineers: Principles used to disperse powders in liquids with practical examples relating to ceramic and metal particle processing properties.
  • EMA 6808 - Error Analysis & Optimization Methodologies in Materials Research: Statistical approach to materials research, basic and relevant statistical concepts, error analysis, factorial matrices, reducing variance, nested designs and sampling plans, mixture designs, optimization techniques, response surface method, and Taguchi method.
  • ECH 5938 - Topics in Colloid Science: Colloids and interfacial phenomena, colloid interaction forces, electrokinetic phenomena, transport phenomena influenced by colloidal forces, and electrokinetic phenomena. Examples and applications.