Particle Engineering Research Center



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The education of students and professionals in the engineering practice of particle science and technology is an integral part of the mission of PERC. The educational philosophy of the Center is to develop innovative educational approaches that foster interdisciplinary, systems-related learning. The Center is firmly committed to increasing the number of students, including women and under-represented minorities, who participate in particle science and technology education and research efforts.

Curriculum development is one of the key features of the Center's Education program. PERC students benefit from learning soft skills (e.g., communication, technical writing, public speaking, leadership) not included in more traditional curricular experiences. Another high priority is the recruitment of top quality students. The interdisciplinary and industrial exposure and experience provided to PERC students and faculty greatly enhances their research and education and has been recognized as one of the major deliverables of the PERC education program. Through regular interaction with PERC Industry Partners, the students learn the constraints and parameters of commercial enterprises as well as how to work on industrially relevant applied research. Another key service from the PERC Education Program is its benefit to the Center's Industry Partners through short courses offered to them by the Center. They highly value their experience with this program as well as the quality of PERC trained students.