Mineral Resources Research Center (MRRC)
Report to the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs
College of Engineering

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205 Particle Science & Technology, Gainesville, FL 32611, Ph: 352.846.1194, Fax: 352.846.1196, Email: info@perc.ufl.edu


The Mineral Resources Research Center (MRRC) at the University of Florida, affiliated with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), was originally funded by the State of Florida with the mission to develop the fundamental engineering science of minerals and material systems, and to educate engineers and scientists in the practice of mineral and materials processing. Since its inception the MRRC has facilitated and promoted research and technology developments in the field of mineral resources. MRRC research contributions are recognized at the State, National and International levels. MRRC related research was an enabling catalyst and building block of the Particle Engineering Research Center (PERC) funded by NSF from 1994 to 2005.

The level of research activity in MRRC has sustained its focus on innovation and education. Industry interest in this field has remained constant; several ongoing projects have been and still are directly sponsored by PERC Industry Advisory Board members. The MRRC, its director, Brij M. Moudgil, and its affiliated faculty continue to educate engineers and scientist in the practice of mineral and materials processing attracting funding from federal, state, and industry sources.

Faculty and Key Personnel Associated with MRRC:

(1982- Present) Brij M. Moudgil- MRRC Director. Affiliated Faculty: H. El-Shall (MSE), W. Sigmund (MSE), B. Koopman (Env. Eng), S. Svoronos (ChE), K. Powers (PERC), D. Shah (ChE). Project specific collaborations include other faculty from departments such as Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Chemistry. Administrative Support: MRRC activities are facilitated by PERC administrative staff.


Awards and other Indicators of national/international recognition:

Graduate students supported by MRRC:

Since 2003, 10 MSE PhD students have graduated with dissertation topics related to MRRC research focus. Majority of them are currently working in the U.S. Industry in different R&D roles. A couple of the students returned to their countries of origin and are working there as MSE professionals. Funding to support these students was mostly leveraged through PERC as NSF funding and industrial support for sponsored projects.

External and Internal Resources:

Value of the MRRC:

The most current economic and environmental concerns have promoted a surge in exploring and developing alternative management of natural resources on a sustainable basis. MRRC has the history, experience and credibility to help in this task and potentially serve as a necessary link for developing more sustainable processing and utilization of earth resources.